#ThrowbackThursday! Music Review: ‘Fanatic’ by Lecrae


This throwback goes all the way to the fourth track of the 116 Clique Compilation Album released in 2007. I remember bonding with my cousin over this song with her rapping the lyrics even faster than Lecrae did, in her cool British accent! I was so passionate about this song, you couldn’t recite the lyrics wrongly beside me…loool!

I could savour Lecrae’s Southern, hard core Hip Hop all day, with his verses tough, convinced, and assured, like he could not be wrong in a million years; giving it to me straight, no holding back! I however catch some pain in his voice when he says ‘we will not turn to shame, we proclaim the name…’

I love the fact that this Grammy Award winning artiste doesn’t rap in ‘spic and span’ English language but utters words like ‘don’t’ instead of ‘doesn’t’, ‘they’ instead of ‘their’, ‘make’ instead of ‘makes’ and so forth , making the rap yummy sounding. He also says the word ‘emphatic’, which makes me very pleased, of course!

The hook and verses have an interesting melody, with a slight but deliciously eerie sound, like the timbre of violins without the tremor. Alternatively, it could be described as a power siren charging you on, very much like the hook in Nas’  ‘You Can Hate Me Now’.

I love the Lecrae’s southern hood drawl when he says ‘And it don’t take at all that to be a Christian man! It brings to my mind Beyonce’s accent when she says the word ‘can’t’ in the song ‘Me, Myself and I’. The digital keyboard produced ‘extro’ which sounds like a bass guitar, finishes off the piece beautifully.

This rap gives me the ‘I’m so in love with rap, I could be a rapper’ feeling for a few minutes. It is such a cool rap, that if you don’t know this song, Imma be like ‘Who are you man!’(with a southern accent)

This is definitely a ginger generating song, worthy to be put on replay. Plus it is super soul winning!

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  1. How haven’t I heard this song before???
    Anyways,Interesting and funny review, just the Ose way… Keep it up

  2. Engaging write-up. Makes me wanna grab the song and listen already. Thumbs up!

  3. Thanks.

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