Music Review: ‘You No Know’ by XL2LETTERS Featuring GiftBerries

who is XL2LETTERS?

This ‘grateful’ rap song doused in hues of pop and RnB reminds me very much of the deep richness of Ja Rule’s voice and the light sweetness of Ashanti’s voice in the song ‘Always on Time’, with a slightly more 90’s feel to it. On a mellow beat, rapping a fusion of slow and then super fast rap, with ample use of similes and metaphors, XL2LETTERS gives thanks to God for saving and delivering him.

In the key of C major, the song’s simple intro consists of single notes played one after the other on the keyboard. In the middle of his first rap verse, mechanical claps follow the song into the chorus spiced up by a drum roll. XL raps faster in second verse, and gets super fast towards the end of the third verse.

While it is an enjoyable song, I would have much preferred the song to have focused on our worth as Christians. When Christ died on the cross, he gave us our worth back, so we cannot turn around to say that ‘we are not worthy’. Also, he who is born of God does not sin, regardless of his shortcomings. So Christians are not sinners in any case. Finally, I do not agree that the love of God can’t be understood, but I could understand that one could feel so overwhelmed that you feel that you do not understand it. So, listen to this piece and tell me what you think!

Written by: Ose Binitie

Contributors: Olaoluwa Oni, Chuky McObi and Chinedu ‘Ocha


  1. Ok music, gud review, although I do not agree with some of your views 🙂

  2. Really great song,started humming it from the very first listen…kudos!

  3. Lovely

  4. I think this is a great effort, it obviously isn’t perfect but its good enough that I respect the artistes enough to not want to put down or poke holes in their work in anyway. Good write up too, very buttery, lol.

  5. Its a very warm song. D Chorus is gud. Not bad

  6. Nice review. I haven’t listened yet, but I’ll give it a listen.

    Kudos dear.

  7. This is a nice review dear! I like how you were able to point out that we are worthy by the blood of the lamb. The song is a nice jam nonetheless! Okey Sokay always kills it!

  8. Nice song, Nice chorus, Nice Review, but be more original in the Rap accent let it flow natural

  9. Lovely song though I’m not that much of a rap fan!

  10. Good one, great reviews!!!

  11. I actually do love your review, the way you dissect the song, hmmmn…. Nice.

  12. Wonderful and inspirational! Kudos!

  13. lovely song even thou am not much of a rap fan, d song caught my attention, nice review ose, d way u dissected d song is just fantastic. #kudosbabes

  14. I don’t particularly agree with somethings that you said but good review, good song.

  15. Wao! Nyc music, always happy wen I get to see gospel raps, ur review………..on point.

  16. Nice one Ose,atleast for a start.

  17. Thanks dear.

  18. Yesso. Thanks

  19. Thanks.

  20. Thoinks!

  21. Thanks dear.

  22. Thanks!

  23. Awwwn thanks!

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