Music Video Review: ‘1-2-3’ by Nikki Laoye

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Voted Nigerian Gospel Awards ‘Song of The Year’ 2013, the highly anticipated video to the 1-2-3 song is out! Set in the University of Lagos, at the Main Library-Akintunde Ojo Quadrangle, amidst beautiful trees, 1-2-3 was brought to video life!  Very well choreographed by renowned dance group, ‘Alien Nation’ along, with the spunky Laoye, this video had me clicking repeat for the umpteenth time!

There were about 18 scenes in all, with appearances from Dj Gosporella, Provabs, XL2LETTERS, XBlaze, Ade Laoye of Ebony Life TV, Onos, Essence, Anny, J’odie,  and a few others. The outfits for the video were super cool, with ‘Keep Calm and Just Dance Oya 123’ tee shirts in varied colours, which were designed by Nikki. In another scene, her dancers donned a pleated black and white ensemble, with black tights and flats, while she wore heels and a slightly different ensemble.

There was a comical scene on an aesthetic structure at the Lagoon Front where she and Stephen of Kaffy’s Imagneto Dance Crew had a ‘mini dance battle’. There were several kinds of dance such as the Alanta, Etigi, Alingo, Azonto, Turn Ups , Antenna, as well as inventive dance steps. It was 100% dance dance, and 100% fabulous! This video is so good that you would hardly notice an ever so slight video-audio synchronisation overlap one of the scenes. Enjoy!

Directed by Frizzle and Bizzle Films


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