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If you are a fan of Hard Core Rap, You most certainly must be a fan of XL2LETTERS. His deep, robust voice and the intensity that comes with it fit the Hard Core Rap genre perfectly. With an 11 track ‘Grace Alone’ mix tape under his belt, XL has worked with some of the biggest names in the Gospel Music Industry, such as FloRocka, Bouqui, Provabs and so forth. Asides music, XL is also an architect, with a Masters degree for good measure! Emphatic Dynamo caught up with him and he had tonnes of this to say! Enjoy!

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1. What is your full name?

My full name is Adejumo Adekunle Gbogboade, also known as the rapper XL2LETTERS

2. Why Rap/Hip Hop Music? What is so special about it?

Well, Rap Music for me and the Hip Hop Culture were part of growing up for me. Rap and Hip Hop evolved from just a style of music to a way of life. To me, Rap is Rythmically Applied Poetry, and  an expression of one’s thoughts. Rap is a brother to poetry and spoken word. Also, unlike singing, artistically spoken words are hit home as more personal issues can be addressed and discussed.

christian hip hop in nigeria

3.What kind of Rap do you do?

I would call the Rap I do a fusion of Hardcore and Alternate Rap. My reason for saying this is that in as much as I do the classic Hardcore Rap style, I have found a way to blend it with other styles of music like Rock, Reggae, High Life, Soul and so on.
4.What will you be bringing to the table that other rappers have not brought?
I will be bringing hard hitting Gospel lyrics that carry complex thought delivered in a simple manner with different musical fusions.


5. How long have you been in the Music Industry?
Officially, I have been in the Music Industry for about 5yrs till date. Unofficially, I have been writing rap verses since i was in secondary school way back in 2002.
6. Tell me about the triumphs you have experienced since you started rapping professionally.
I would say my triumphs vary in number and size. God has been faithful and they are so many to count. My triumphs span from being featured by top gospel acts like Florocka,Gameman,Bouqui and others to watching a 6yr old boy tell his mum that he loves my music.

7. Do you feel the direct impact of God in your music?
Yes, I do feel God’s impact on my music. I have enjoyed uncanny favour and connections in this industry that money cannot buy. Plus, I never seem to run short of songs to write at any time. Indeed God has been faithful to me.

8. What else do you do asides music?

I am an architect and a graphic artiste that works at Cryteknics Graphic designs.
9.What is your greatest desire as regards Rap/Hip Hop music?
Hmmmm. My greatest desire for Rap/Hip Hop spans beyond my personal aspirations for my career. I desire a point where when I switch on my TV, 50 to 70% of the Hip Hop music that would be aired will be Gospel Hip Hop. For a country that has one of the highest number of churches, I do believe it is possible.



10.Whom do you hope to collaborate with in the Music Industry?
Ah! I’ve got a long list oh [Laughs]. But lemme see if I can name a few: Cobhams, Florocka [again], Gaise, Henrisoul, IBK Spaceshipboi, Tim Godfrey, Ada, Ambassage, K’ore.
11.Tell me about the music projects you are working on presently.
I’m working on an EP entitled SE7EN. It would contain seven tracks and would drop in the month of July.
12. Give me 5 Rap artistes that have influenced the kind of Rap that you do
There is a long line of Rappers that have influenced me thus far, but the top five are:
1. Notorius BIG [first rapper I paid close attention to decades ago]
2. JayZ [learnt how to strive for quality and be ambitious from him.]
3. Lecrae [1st gospel rapper I listened to when I got serious with Christ]
4. PRo [Derek Minor] [Gospel Rapper I sound a like and learnt from]
5. Dwayne Tryumf [Learnt how to rap fast by listening to his songs]


  1. Way to go,XL..I see U

  2. He has vision, and that is lacking in most humans, great guy I must add, sounds authentic. Godspeed XL.

  3. He is a voice in this Generation. Someone y’all should look out for this new season. Deep & Godly

  4. Nice One Ade.

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