#CoverStory: Nosa Omoregie: Of Soul, Jazz and a whole lot of Jesus!

Who is Nosa?

He has been referred to as the Nigerian John Legend, endowed with dreamy vocals and a mastered skill in employing licks, riffs and runs as well as superior knowledge in blending different genres of music. A virtuoso songwriter, Nosa Omoregie is surely bound for the top. Undoubtedly, he is a musical genius that will take the Nigerian music industry to levels never dreamed to be attained. Not surprisingly, however, Nosa does not do music for music’s sake. He seeks with all his heart to inspire his audience with hope and to challenge them spiritually to the level that God would have them be. In this interview, he talks about the different processes that shaped him into who he is today,and speaks on his future goals and his upcoming album. Enjoy!

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I ask Nosa how he knew music was your primary purpose in life, and he answers candidly:

‘First of all I don’t take music as my primary purpose but as a means to fulfilling my primary purpose. That’s why my music is impact oriented.
That being said, it was during my university years that I decided to pursue a career when I started developing interest in writing songs and producing music.’

On how he groomed his talent, he he xpatiates:

‘I exposed myself to a lot of music and challenged myself to become like the people I listened to. For the accomplishment of it, I also took advantage of learning resources at my disposal.’

I ask him about his your musical influences, and he lists them enthusiastically,

‘So many people. I listened to so much music. At the forefront though you have Boyz II Men, Fred Hammond and then Bob Marley, Kim Burrell. I was also influenced by many Highlife singers like Ebenezer Obey, to mention a few.’

I complement his exemplary songwroting skills and ask whether he writes songs for other people. He says:

‘I do but on rare occasions.’


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On his opinion makes a successful musician, he stated the following :

‘His talent
Willingness to improve the talent
Good Character
Good management
The Grace of God’

Who is Nosa?

I ask him how his song writing process work, and he narrates:

‘Most times the music comes first. Then I find a message that works well with the music. I like to conceptualize first and when I get a concept that works, I write.’


On  the elements of a perfect song, he says with a beam,

‘Good music, arrangement and all
Unforgettable lyrics
Good vocal delivery
Good mix (engineering)’

I ask about his album which will be launched on the 14th of this month! How do you feel about it? How has the journey of music been so far? Do you feel accomplished?

Well, I feel very excited about the release. I feel relieved. I’ve been working for years on this project and I have had some pleasant and not too pleasant experiences along the way. I’m really thankful to God.

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As regards his goals in the near future, he muses,

‘My major goal in the near future is to become a household name (probably an icon) in the entertainment industry and help raise a younger generation who will learn from my success and be inspired to do good music with a clean message. And also to take the message of God’s Kingdom where it previously couldn’t get to through music.’


Who is Nosa?On a languorous note, I ask his interests asides music, and he replied playfully:

‘Besides music, I love football. I love playing video games. I love graphics design and photography. I love telecommunications as well. I wanna see myself going around helping people in need.’


I ask him how he identifies a bestseller song, and as a virtuoso, he provides:

‘From how the words and music combine to affect your soul. As the creator of the music, you can tell how well a song could do.’

I find Nosa to be an interesting mix of genres. When I hear him, I hear RNB, soul, highlife, jazz etc, so I ask how he is able to perfect himself in each of these genres, and how he mixes them altogether. He explains:

‘I am deeply influenced by these and more genres. Everything you hear is on purpose because I wanted to break the rules and introduce elements of the different kinds of music that have influenced me.

I could sing an African song and run scales with dynamics that could be associated with RnB. I have made it my style to also include our typical riffs and slurs into any vocal performance. It’s just a simple combination of runs and riffs and hitting the right notes.
That’s it.

13. You were in the choir for a good number of years. How did that affect the grooming of your talent and/or spirituality

At a time, I felt singing in the choir was all I could do for God and since I love God so much, I decided to do that one thing with all my heart. It helped improve a lot because church was like a free music school.
My choir master discovered how good I was and would give me some tapes of famous foreign choirs and gospel singers to go study and teach the entire choir.
It strengthened me especially in the area of harmonization, which I apply in all my recordings today. It also exposed me to so many different styles from different people.’

14. Finally, on a lighter note, I ask ‘If you had to speak in only one language for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pidgin or the Queen’s English?’, and of course he replies:

‘Hmmm. P I D G I N.
“Ok now. E go be. I hail Una.”
Isn’t that cool?’


It was a super fun interview???

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