#CoverStory: Gaise Speaks on his Music, God and the Love of his Life!


Who is Gaise?

 Witty, comical, and masterful in word and in spirit, Gaise completely optimises his use of  Yoruba to achieve a high level of creativity in his music. If you love Nigerian music, you would immediately reckon with Gaise’s songs ‘Awa O Tush O’ and ‘Follow Follow’. A cultural Ambassador for Ekiti state,  a Crystal Awards Best New Artiste of 2013 and a Scepters Award winner for New revelation in 2011, Gaise has more than done well for himself in merely 3 years of being in the music industry. I had a delightful chat with him on his music, God and the love of his life! Check it!

1.      You seem to get a thrill expressing your rap in the Yoruba language. What is so intriguing about Yoruba?

It’s my language na, my mother tongue. It’s the language I was brought up with, the lingua franca in my family while we were all growing up, so it has become the language I’m most comfortable singing with.

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2.       Where do you draw your inspiration from?

God of course; God is always the Source, though the channels and mediums may differ from time to time, song to song. Sometimes I’m inspired by an event, occurrence in the society (little drops for example). Other times it’s by a beat, an instrumental (AwaOTushOh came via this medium), and yet at other times I just have to write and then I dig deep within and do so (most songs I’m featured on, fall into this category)

3.      What does Gaise mean?

GAISE is an acronym of my name initials; Gboluwaga Akinade Ibuoye Samuel, the E is rather cosmetic, though I now like to associate it with the fact that I’m from Ekiti State (smile)

4.      How do you keep your music witty, lyrical and fresh?

I don’t know. I think it comes natural to me. I’m by nature witty, adventurous, and somewhat naughty so I guess it’s my personality that gets to reflect in my song writing and music.

5.      Your music is very pro African and patriotic. Do you see yourself making music that appeals to an audience outside Nigeria and/or Africa in the near future?

Yes, I do. It’s not even a case of me seeing myself doing. What I’ve done so far has gotten appeal outside the shores of Nigeria, even ‘follow follow’, there were Caucasians in the UK who loved it, and if that was communicated to me how much more the instances that I’m yet to be aware of? Maybe I should also add that to the best of my knowledge, more often than not, African artistes who have attracted foreign audience happen to be those singing in/with African languages.

6.       You really love to wear Ankara pants. Is that your trademark?

Not really, I just like to dress smart, yet as light as possible. I don’t like too much cloth-load on my body. Been a while I was on Ankara pants sef, maybe I should get my stylist to make me a new set. *wink*

7.      Tell me about your most fulfilling moments you’ve had as a gospel artiste

Hearing of a young man who gave up cyber crime after hearing my debut single – ‘follow follow’, being honoured as Ekiti State Cultural Ambassador, as well as receiving the Crystal Award for ‘Best New Artiste’ etc.

8.      Do you play an instrument, and how much effort do you contribute to the creation of the instrumentation of your songs?

I am at the moment in the process of learning an instrument, but asides that, I have a fair enough knowledge of what I’ll like to hear or not want to hear in the instrumentation of songs I record. So as the producer works and creates, I am very much involved and participate as well.

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9.      The news about town is that Gaise will be walking down the aisle soon! Do you think that marriage would have an impact on the kind of music that you make?

News around town? Please what stations oh, maybe I need to change the channels I’ve been watching *lol*. As to marriage having an impact on the kind of music I make, let me marry first.

10.  Tell me about the qualities that attracted you to your future wife

Honestly, you will need more than one article to conclusively capture just this question. Let me just try and touch on a few sha. Since your question is on what attracted me, then I gotta be honest and say her beauty sure was one, her style, her charm… I’m sure we all know the Bible says charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised, so I pretty much hit the jackpot finding one with ALL 3 – Charming, Beautiful and definitely Fears the Lord! Beyond those three as well, I liked and love the fact that she’s a go-getter; she knows what she wants, sets her aim very high and then goes after and ensures she achieves her aim. You see I’ve said more here than to any other question so I better stop now before I neglect the remaining ones. *smile*

11.  What in your opinion are 5 ingredients that would make a marriage last?

  • God in both hearts
  • Regular, healthy Communication
  • Tolerance/forgiveness
  • Saying ‘I’m sorry’ even when you’re yet to be convinced what you did/said was wrong, but just because it has hurt your partner
  • Learning and expressing love to your partner IN HIS/HER love language, in abundant doses!

 12.  If you had 3 words to tell any young Christian who wants express himself via music what would they be?


13.  What would be your three core values in life?

  • Honesty
  • Courage
  • Faith


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  1. Lovely and smart interview. Its cool to read about someone I admire. Gaise is definitely inspired and inspiring, original and down-to-earth. I’m convinced he’s making a remarkable dent for good in the universe! I love his music too- really out-of-the-box stuff. Keep it up bro! God’s got ur back (Blissful marriage in advance)

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