Emphatic Dynamo Special: The Experience and the Etiquette

The Experience 2013

Hello guys! I know we can’t wait for The Experience tomorrow night to worship like never before at the Tafawa Balewa Square. But while we are super excited, I just thought to share some concert etiquette tips to ensure that we have a pleasant time and do not ruin it for others.

  1. Please cut down on the vuvuzellas especially when you are at the back and can’t see the musicians up close. The sound is really intense and it prevents people from hearing the music, or at least it is distracting.
  2. Even if you are the greatest fan of Yolanda Adams, don’t overdo it or scream at someone who doesn’t get the lyrics right.
  3. It is not okay too boo the artistes if you do not enjoy the performance. Worship anyway.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes. Ladies, do not wear anything  mini, and its best to adorn your feet with fully covered flats so that no one smashes your toes
  5. The Experience 2013 is not an audition for Pop Idol, so do not screech while others are trying to listen to the music.
  6. Don’t shove people, especially when you are trying to get into Tafawa Balewa Square. Be orderly on the queue, and ask people politely  to excuse you when you are ready to leave.
  7. Keep a tight grip on your drinks and ensure that you do not spill them on others. #RelatedPost: The Experience 13 Bants + Highlights
  8. It is a worship experience, so don’t gist the whole night through. Worship, praise, enjoy the music and have fun.
  9. Try to put your phone away.  Do not attempt to record the whole show and miss out on the live experience.
  10. Donnie McClurkin already made out his list of songs before coming, so yelling out requests for a particular song will not make him take a different direction…lol.
  11. Do not let your dancing get in the way of other people’s enjoyment.
  12. I know we all like to stand at some point at  The Experience and sometimes carry our chairs on our heads. But at certain points when most of the crowd is sitting, it will make little sense to block people by standing.

#RelatedPost: The Experience 13 Bants + Highlights

Meanwhile, The Experience is a concert like no other, an encounter with God. Do not miss that. Do not be distracted. Be worshipful. Be there!

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  1. Thoughtful… Thanks for the reminder

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