Music Review: Only You by Nikki Laoye



‘New’, ‘fresh’ and ‘inspiring’ are the words to describe Nikki Laoye’s latest single! Already my favourite song, ‘Only You’ is an alternative piece; soft rock with strong, beautiful vocals.  It is almost like the music softly seeps into your soul, driving all the ‘edgyness’ away. She clearly displays her vocal prowess in this song, and the bridge accentuates this. God is as real as can be, and Nikki brings her evidence with every sung note. You can easily see that there is a subtle blend of Lara George in her delivery of Yoruba verses and the way in which the guitar is strummed reminds me of  the rock feel of Casting Crowns and the easygoing melodies of Don Moen.

Needless to say, ‘Only You’ is THAT song that gets you started in the morning and helps you unwind late at night.


Written By: Ose Binitie

Edited by: Joseph Damilare Adedeji

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