#MusicReview : ‘Call On Me’ by Mela

Mela call on me

Confidence, Assurance, Simplicity … This crooner speaks the mind of a man who reveals to his beloved that his love is all that she will ever need. He is so sure of himself that he can only wonder what she sees in other guys. Such confidence can only be inspired by God and his word.

Unsurprisingly, Mela is the music director at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Joshua Ville Parish. Well seasoned in the matters of God as well as those of the heart, he also has tonnes of experience directing music with the Levites – Choir of Sovereign Army Fellowship, University of Lagos.

There is a rich feel of “Soul” in this song as I taste a bit of Beautiful Nubia and Asa in Mela’s vocal delivery. His soft dreamy vocals make a solid impression on this piece, rapidly forming those riffs,  agile and gentle at the same time and cooing with little effort.  And he does smack that vibrato! Not overly prominent, not under utilised, but exceedingly soulful.

The piano plays around with appregios, going up and down the scale so rapidly that it seems to have a mind of its own, yet is a perfect accompaniment to the lyrics.

Mela takes it up a notch at the bridge, in a language so delicious as pancakes in yummy maple syrup, serenading me, Igbo! And when I  think I’ve reached the end of his surprises he breaks into his stunning falsetto, so clear and so clean.

All that is lacking is just a little polishing in the pronunciation of his words to add even more relish to the piece. But without a doubt, this song is all that and then some.

This song mirrors God’s love, as you will always feel alone in the arms of any man if you do not have your one true love, God.

I read a review of this song which said that it’s about a lover seeking ’emotional attention’ and I completely disagree. I believe that this is a lover full of love without any need for attention. Instead he wants his love interest to recognise the great love he has for her so that he can shower her with it. He isn’t saying ‘I need your love’. He is saying ‘I’m the only person that can love you’. For a guy to say that, he must truly be confident.

I dare you to listen to this song!

Written by Ose Binitie

Edited by Joseph Damilare Adedeji and Bie Jaja


  1. Hmmmn, deep review and cool.. cool… very cool song

  2. odi gi’onye ga fugi nanya di kam…agam e were obim nile were fugi nanya.
    the bridge does it for me, my best part.
    Nice work bro

  3. hmmm……not bad

  4. Many Thanks!

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