Gospel Rapper Provabs Speaks about his Music and the Inspiration that Drives Him


Provabs is a fast rising Gospel artiste whose impact has been felt in the Nigerian music industry already. Full of life and the love of God, Provabs speaks on music, God and the inspiration that drives him. Enjoy!


1. How did you come about the name Provabs?

The name came about to articulate what I wanted to represent. I wanted to stand for the truth in every aspect of life that I addressed through music. Proverbs are used to bring out the truth in matters, and I wanted God to use me to bring the truth  to the hearts of men. The  twist is that is it is spelt as P.R.O.V.A.B.S and it means( Prophetic Rhymes Offering Values Access Blunt-truth & Salvation)

2. What is your real name, when and where were you born?

My real names are Aina OlaOluwaSubomi Anthony. I was born In Lagos (Lasgidi 4sheezy) lol,  on the 18th of April many years ago*smiling*

3. When did you give your heart to Christ?

I have given my life to Christ many times, like many others have. I  really loved to answer alter calls when I was growing up and I felt I had offended God or sinned against Him in any way. But it was not until early in 2000 that I started having a personal relationship with God . Then I started experiencing Him on a deeper level. I was curious to know him more by myself and for myself..

4). How did you discover that you had a passion for music?

I have always had a love for music since when I was a kid. My mum used to say that I would listen to the radio for hours. I was in the children’s choir and I used to compose tunes from verses in the bible (psalms). So that love grew as I got older.


5) Why christian rap? Would u be a rapper anyway, in the likes of Vector or Skales , if u didn’t meet christ?

I got more involved in the rap genre because it was brilliant, more challenging and most of all, it was the language many young people listened to while I was growing up, and they understood its flow, culture, attitude and punchlines. So I decided to use it as my  major tool of change by infusing the Good News of Christ into the kind of music they listen to, such that they are forced to hear the truth as it is. For me, truth is, if I’m not changing or blessing lives with my music,I would not do music at all.

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6). Where do you draw inspiration for your rap and music from?

I draw inspiration from God,nature, life, The Bible and true life experiences…I draw inspiration from within.*smiles*

7). Tell me about your current album and songs that have brought you into the limelight

My Current album is titled Mind The G.A.P (Gospel According 2Provabs). It has two editions, which are the Limited Edition and the Street Edition. The Limited Edition is out and can be gotten at The Hub (The Palms, Lekki). It contains 9 songs and two videos. Some of the songs on it are ‘Bless Me Dey Go’ featuring Ex-O, ‘Hope’ featuring GZac and ‘I surrender’ featuring Eve-L. These songs have gotten me nominations for national awards and have given me public acceptance. This I owe completely to God, first and foremost,  and then my management (ONE MANAGEMENT). I am blessed & grateful. The Street Edition is still in the works and would be released later this year.

8).Name 3 people that influence you on a regular

Kirk franklin, Da truth and Mali Music

9). Tell me 5 interesting things about you that you haven’t told anyone




D)a very

E) shy guy. Lol

10). Where do you see yourself in 10 years time.

I desire to walk with God more and more each day. So anywhere he leads or directs me is where you would see me in the next ten years and more.  But most importantly,I desire to die or leave earth empty. In other words, everything that God has deposited in me must be used to bless humanity and glorify Him before I leave planet Earth.


11). Who is your style icon and what is your style?

Jesus is my style icon. He showed us his steez in the pages of the bible. For me, I like to keep it simple and classy. I dislike a loud lifestyle.

12. If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing?

If I weren’t doing music, I would be involved in management. I love to manage people,finances,resources to effectively achieve set goals and clearly written objectives. I also love photography.

13. What is the most profound way in which God has spoken to you?

Hehehe!shaking my head in remembrance*. Loud and clear, God spoke to me in my ears. It felt like someone was at my back whispering, but when I turned back there was nobody. It felt funny and scary at the time. But in the end I discarded it as me speaking to myself, until what I heard truly happened! I was sooo shocked! Then I knew it was God.

14. What are the challenges you have faced as a christian rapper.

Challenges I face as a christian rapper are numerous….from lack support and  acceptance , to financial constraints,  discrimination, little to no  entertainment structures, being poorly valued by our very own..etc etc. But God even said it that a prophet is not usually accepted in His own home and when you understand that you were not called to all, but just a few, you would learn to rise above such challenges

15. Give us 3 tips on how to rap

A) Know what you wonna talk about.

B)Write what you wanna talk about..

C) Say what you wonna talk about audibly on a beat

Hehe! Simple as ABC!

Check out Provabs’ Latest Video, ‘ I Surrender’

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  1. Going by this interview,its obvious ur life is ALL about GOD. I Love the fact that uve decieded to give him ALL the glory and recognise him in ur work and walk. Its my prayer that u will not stop doing that. GOD bless u provabs and may he increase u on everyside. AMEN.

  2. Vincentia Toluwani

    Nice one Provabs…….you inspire a lot of us out here and we soooo grateful for your music…..keep up the good work *cheers

  3. Spectacular!

  4. Whoa!!! This guy simply oozes the gospel…its always encouraging to see young people with so much passion for God.
    Well done Provabs, I am not a “fan” of Rap but I’ll be sure to pay attention to yours…
    Nice Job Ose….

  5. Vincentia Toluwani

    Great job provabs u r a real inspiration to many of us out here……keep up the good work.Cheers

  6. I watched him perform live at destinys child grand finale 2013 the guy is going places thumbs up bro

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