#MusicReview: ‘Not For A Moment (After All) ‘ by Meredith Andrews

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Check out Meredith’s Newest Single ‘Not For A Moment’ from her album ‘Worth it All’. Meredith always delivers beautiful lyrics that touch the heart in simplicity and earnestness. This song communicates the fact that God never leaves you even in the hardest of times.

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What thrills me about this piece is the conviction and assuredness that I hear in Meredith’s voice which could only come from true fellowship with the living God. This song oozes God’s presence, and if you‘re going through a rough patch, you will know with all certainty that you are not alone.

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Sung in her characteristic key E flat major, Meredith’s voice is sweet and passionate, gathering momentum at the hook and even more fire and gusto at the bridge. The simple yet recurrent melody of the piano which changes slightly at the refrain and at the bridge is accompanied by the airy and velvety sounds of the violins. And a singular violin finishes off the piece warmly underneath the soothing melody of the piano.

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#Listen and Be Blessed!

You’ll even be more touched to hear 4th grader, Kayla McBride, sing this song with all sincerity as she battles cancer.

Check out   Meredith’s live performance of this song with The Vertical Church Band!

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  1. that was phenomenal….it moved me to tears to watch someone who doctors have passed judgement sing with so much conviction…if she can say “after all, you are sovereign…” why cant I….thank you Ose…keep doing an amazing job…God bless you…

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