#MusicReview: ‘Twale’ By FloRocka || Nathan ‘Florocka’ Akiremi

Who sang Twale?

The song ‘Twale’ by FloRocka starts with a piano intro and then bubbles forth into the richness of rock with the lead guitar giving off  loads of snazzy sounds, and the drums and bass following closely with equal panache . Flo makes use of the phrase ‘If I was’ so many times to show that you cannot escape worshipping God whether you’re a bird or child or angel. Your very essence worships God!

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The sound production of this song is second to none. I guess you would expect nothing less from the sound engineer, FloRocka himself! This song is an absolute masterpiece as it is drenched in the ethnicity of its composer yet one cannot deny its western influence! It is incredibly original, with Flo’s skilful mix of pidgin, English and Yoruba delivered with pitch perfect vocals.

Who sang Twale?

You do not have to be on the lookout for Flo’s hearty growl, for it will meet you wherever you are! Not only that, you will be blown away by  the rush of emotions that you will experience when you hear this song, you will find that you will want to keep listening.

So #Checckit!

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  1. Great song!!! Lovely review too…thumbs up to you.

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