#MusicReview: ‘Always Pray’ For You by Nosa

who is nosa

‘Always Pray For You’ by Nosa is near perfection in my mind! Effortless vocals…tick! Classic Rhythm and Blues…..tick! This song wows me, taking me to places where I’m floating on air and gesticulating wildly on the road with people watching….lol! The rhythm and melody are so soft, easing me into my happy place, with that delicious flow in pidgin. And the jazzy progression that the piano plays just resonates with my musical mind…reminding me of Old Hollywood glamour. Sung on G major, with a catchy base line and pleasing oohs and ahhs, ‘Always Pray For You’ is sure gonna be on my themesong for a good while..

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  1. Nice song, rich lyrics good delivery. Great review also.

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