#MusicReview: Forever Love by Francesca Battistelli ||| What’s your Favourite Francesca Song?


who is francesca battistelli?Who is Francesca Battistelli?

I’ve got to give this song like a hundred stars because it is the epic love song of all time! Your feelings about different things may change, but your love for God should grow stronger. God is my forever love, and that will never change.

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This song is sheer awesomeness, a fine blend of rock, country and jazz with a two part harmony too delicious for you to resist! ‘Forever Love’ announces itself with the piano, the bass and the strings, and then only the piano accompanies Francesca’s voice into the first verse. The bass joins in with the piano in the line ‘from the bottom of my heart’ and by the time she’s singing the verse the second time, the drums have arrived, adding new depth to the song.

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After the bridge, the strings take centre stage and her effortless adlibs just carry you deeper and deeper into the presence of God! It’s safe to say that I heard this song more than two years ago and it still takes me to that place…still gives me goose bumps. And I know with all certainty that I love God and His love is real to me!

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Be engulfed in the love if God today. Put this song on replay!

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