#Event: 8th February, 2013: Love Hope War Tour Hosted by Bouqui, featuring Da Truth

who is bouqui

The Indoor Sports Hall of the University of Lagos rocked with energy from Bouqui’s live show hosted by Joseph Benjamin and Shyne from Cool FM.


Byno opened the night with a smashing rendition of the National Anthem, after which, XL slammed the stage with a rap song titled ‘I Am’. Provabs flowed in next, rap-singing ‘I Surrender’, a song which has garnered attention following the official release of its video. The crowd couldn’t stop cheering when Bouqui made her entrance in a black and silver get up, wearing her signature hair and beckoning at everyone to come from the bleachers to the floor of  the court. More performances came from Protek, Henri Soul and The Boyz, getting the crowd warmed up for the excitement ahead.


One highlight of the evening was a breath taking dance performance by Xplicit, precisely the kind that releases dopamine to all parts of your body! I stood there glued, too mesmerised by the ministration to take down notes at the time! The group choreographed to a faster version of ‘Ijoba Orun’ by Lara George! It was definitely one of my favourite moments of the night! Up next was Gaise, bringing his Naija flava into the mix, with his song ‘follow follow’, as well as another song with the refrain ‘awa o tush oh’. He also looked uber stylish  with his orange pants and a denim shirt with Ankara patterns.


Ibk who has produced tracks for rapper, Munachi Abi also performed his awesome rap song ‘I Have A Dream’ which had everyone mouthing ‘I’m Gonna Fulfil My Destiny!’ Pastor J of Church 316 also ministered in rap with songs like ‘Conqueror’ and ‘Show ya self’. At this time other rappers who had earlier performed, such as Provabs and Nutty Josh joined  him  on stage, with high energy, stomping repeatedly and giving away  free cds to a super charged audience!

who is bouqui


The Agidigba master, Tim Godfrey and his Extreme Crew performed his wonder praise song to God! His back up singers certainly made their mark with their hot red sneakers that had ‘Make Your Mark’ written on them’, the words all mashed up though! It was like the energy of Kirk Franklin and Israel Houghton on stage at the same time!!!! Whoosh!!!!


Sammie Okposo came up next with his all time classic ‘Welu Welu’ as well as ‘My God E Good Oh’, his band bringing back the groove with some afro beat slash juju slash highlife mash up. Midnight Crew was awe-mazing, wowing the crowd with their nsync-ness as they effortlessly performed their classic praise song ‘Igwe’, as well as ‘This Fuji Thing’.


And then Bouqui finally came on stage, with awesome inspiring words in rap, elevating the name of Jesus, above all else. She certainly took me away with her songs ‘Take You Away’, ‘Morile’ ‘Mo Le Jo’. Utterly Spirit filled, animated and cute, especially when she tried to pull them dance moves, are the words that describe Bouqui!  Awesome music team she had there, with her female drummer wowing us with sizzling beats!


who is da truthwho is da truth

And finally the moment that we had been waiting all evening for finally came. Da Ttruth graced the stage, firing us with awesome tracks from his ‘Love Hope and War’ album! He owned the stage, expressing all the emotions of his album title with every muscle on his face, and rapping from the inside out, yelling ‘God, the Greatest of All Time!’ And that was what this concert was about, elevating the name of Jesus, the greatest of all time!who is bouqui



  1. Nice! Looks and sounds like it was big fun!

  2. Great coverage of the event dearie, luvly stuff. The sky is ur stepping stone, XL.

  3. I love this, gives a vivid picture. Now I feel like I was there. Great write up dear!

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