#Event: Michael W. Smith at The Covenant Place!

At the end of the day… amidst the fun,  splufik lights and sound… Michael did not forget his mission… He came to Nigeria to deposit something… an inheritance. 

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#EmphaticdynamoSpecial! #UndergroundLegend: Titilola The Awesome! || Musings on Titi Oloyede

Who is Titi Oloyede?

Titi’s voice is strong and heavy with a lot of character and she sings with so much spirit, that that is truly enough! She is a squillion shades of awesome with so many talents! There are so many things to love about this woman. I really cannot wait for her first album, because I’m sure it is going to be loaded!

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#Event #EmphaticDynamoSpecial : 10 Things I love About My Petrita!

 #HeyGuys! I love Petra Christian Centre for too many reasons but I’m gonna share 10 of them today:) 10. Because ‘Rhythms and Rhapsody’ sang the first song I ever blogged about today:) ‘All I ask by Meredith Andrews’. And it just brought back memories because I was in Law School at…

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#MusicReview: Unchangeable God by Ayokunle

With delightful back ups and ice lolly harmonies, this Rock and Contemporary Fusion is a beauty to behold. Sung in my favourite key, E Flat,  with a pleasant piano intro followed by drums, this song washes over me like cool soothing water. Talking about how the King of all the Earth is one…

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#EventWednesday: J Ville’s Worship and Warfare with Paul Chisom

I can guess where you are right now….stuck in traffic… wishing you didn’t decide upon coming home on time to unwind. Well, no worries! I have the right medicine to lift your spirits! Catch Paul Chisom Udo with his worshipful spirit adlibs sizzling adlibs and ethnic razzmatazz at the Joshua Ville…

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#Event: Worship and Worship with Frank Edwards!

          Another Wednesday is approaching, and it’s an opportunity to worship God like never before and watch Him ambush your enemies! Make it a date to worship with JoshuaVille as Frank Edwards leads this session, along with the Sounds of Heaven and the Psalmists! Date: Wednesday,…

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#Event: Night of Worship 2014!

It’s less than 30 days to the amazing experience that Night of Worship encapsulates! Are you ready? Have you crammed all of Tye Tribett and Tasha Cobbs lyrics? Have you planned to leave work early to save seats for yourself and your friends? (Friday is a work day oh!…lol) Have…

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#Event: ‘Unashamed IV’, Sunday 26th October!

If  you have not caught on, worship is the constant rave of the moment. Oh, to worship God unashamedly, and to be drenched in the awesomeness of His presence is far more glorious than my words could ever describe! Experience euphoric worship at Sovereign Army’s Unashamed IV tomorrow! Details Date:…

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#MusicReviewTuesday: ‘Dance For You’ by Ty Bello


Ty Bello 'The Morning Songbook ' 'Dance For You'

From the stables of Ty Bello’s second album, The Morning Songbook, I bring you ‘Dance For You’!

Sung in A Major, this disco flavoured piece of awesomeness is my song of the moment! Savour the lyrics, the simplicity of the melody, and most importantly, the drum beat that makes you nod in a certain way as you listen!

The piano is king in this song with its keys hitting some deliciously low notes, giving the bass line effect and later delivering a sweet nursery rhyme flavour with mid range notes. Ty vocalises the Jackson 5 flavour effortlessly as she sings ‘I will dance’ a second time. And when she sings the line ‘No matter what this life is playing’ in her raspy voice, she sounds like the uber cool lead singer of Coldplay! I also catch Mosa’s rich unmistakeable voice in the background, along with Ty’s, adding more finesse to the track. The latter part of the intro chiming ‘re mi do’, reminds me of Aaliyah’s ‘Let Me Know’ at the instrumentation that responds to the line ‘At your best, you are love’.

This piece is a personal confession of dancing for God when you feel like crying because you feel as though life were cutting you in the throat. Make the decision to praise and dance for God right in the eye of the storm because you are actually announcing your victory that way! Listen to this declaration and sing along with this hot mother of twins!



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