#Event: The Ultimate Hang-A Merry Heart at Petra!

The ultimate hang to me would be a combination of excellent music, yummy finger foods, hearty laughs, and my best buds!

On a Tuesday??? Yes Way!

It’s happening tomorrow at Petra Christian Centre! So you islanders have no excuse 😀

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#ChecckitFriday! #Event: Gaise @ TheClubhouse!

  #Checckit! We have Gaise in the house at the FAB Lounge today at 5pm all the way to 11pm!. It will be the ultimate Friday hang! If you’re fabulous, African and Black, you might just wanna gbagbe any ‘oshi’ the week brought, ‘chilax’ with your friends and exhibit open…

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#EventWednesday: Jam Sessions with Nosa!

  Have you been searching hard for a place to a place to chilax? Yeah, chill plus relax equals chilax! Look no further than Jam Sessions with Nosa this Sunday! Jam Sessions will certainly give you the exhilarating feeling I get when I go to Ember Creek for an Open…

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