#Throwback! #MusicReview: ‘Open Doors’ by Nosa

While Nosa is stealthily pulling the suspense card on his upcoming singles…Nosa’s soul is clearly heavy, featuring varied sub genres of soul, rnb, highlife, reggae…he goes all ‘pidginy’ one minute, and then sings in stellar anglais the next…I also love the percussive feel of this album

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#EventHighlights! : Mentorship Meet with Glowreeyah Braimah!

Who sang Miracle Worker

    #HeyGuys! Early morning meetings are for champions! At 8:30 am today, Glowreeyah Braimah shared amazing ministry tips for aspiring gospel singers. According to sources, she shared some personal battles and experiences growing up in a conservative Catholic family, explaining that the experiences we go through especially painful ones are…

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#Event #EmphaticDynamoSpecial : 10 Things I love About My Petrita!

 #HeyGuys! I love Petra Christian Centre for too many reasons but I’m gonna share 10 of them today:) 10. Because ‘Rhythms and Rhapsody’ sang the first song I ever blogged about today:) ‘All I ask by Meredith Andrews’. And it just brought back memories because I was in Law School at…

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#EventWednesday: Jam Sessions with Nosa!

  Have you been searching hard for a place to a place to chilax? Yeah, chill plus relax equals chilax! Look no further than Jam Sessions with Nosa this Sunday! Jam Sessions will certainly give you the exhilarating feeling I get when I go to Ember Creek for an Open…

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#CoverStory: Nosa Omoregie: Of Soul, Jazz and a whole lot of Jesus!

who is nosa

He has been referred to as the Nigerian John Legend, endowed with dreamy vocals and a mastered skill in employing licks, riffs and runs as well as superior knowledge in blending different genres of music…

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