#ThrowbackThursday: ‘Koma Si’ by Lara George || What’s Your Favourite Lara George Song?

who sang koma si

Sung on G Major, of course Lara George mesmerises us with her high and soronous voice and a delicious South African vibe in the soundtrack, serenading us on how no one is like God, the Ancient of Days, the one with whom there is no fear.

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#EventHighlights! : Mentorship Meet with Glowreeyah Braimah!

Who sang Miracle Worker

    #HeyGuys! Early morning meetings are for champions! At 8:30 am today, Glowreeyah Braimah shared amazing ministry tips for aspiring gospel singers. According to sources, she shared some personal battles and experiences growing up in a conservative Catholic family, explaining that the experiences we go through especially painful ones are…

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Music Review: Only You by Nikki Laoye

‘New’, ‘fresh’ and ‘inspiring’ are the words to describe Nikki Laoye’s latest single! Already my favourite song, ‘Only You’ is an alternative piece; soft rock with strong, beautiful vocals.  It is almost like the music soflty seeps into your soul, driving all the ‘edgyness’ away. She clearly displays her vocal prowess in this song,…

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