#MusicReview: “Head Above Water” by Avril Lavigne || What is your favourite Rock song?

Where is Avril Lavigne?

Canadian born singer, Avril Lavigne,  released a gospel track recently called ‘Head Above Water’, where she bared her soul on her struggle with Lyme disease…when she felt like she was going to die, and so this song came out of that experience. She literally needed God to keep her alive. My heart went out to her… Let’s talk about healing and confessions.

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#Event: Night of Worship 2014!

It’s less than 30 days to the amazing experience that Night of Worship encapsulates! Are you ready? Have you crammed all of Tye Tribett and Tasha Cobbs lyrics? Have you planned to leave work early to save seats for yourself and your friends? (Friday is a work day oh!…lol) Have…

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