#Event: The Ultimate Hang-A Merry Heart at Petra!

The ultimate hang to me would be a combination of excellent music, yummy finger foods, hearty laughs, and my best buds!

On a Tuesday??? Yes Way!

It’s happening tomorrow at Petra Christian Centre! So you islanders have no excuse ūüėÄ

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#MusicReview: Unchangeable God by Ayokunle

With delightful back ups and ice lolly harmonies, this Rock and Contemporary Fusion is a beauty to behold. Sung in my favourite key, E Flat,  with a pleasant piano intro followed by drums, this song washes over me like cool soothing water. Talking about how the King of all the Earth is one…

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Event: ‘Serenade’…The Love Affair… 17th August, 2014

Catch Ayokunle Okungbowa and his friends at ‘Serenade’ on the 27th of August, 2014. This year’s theme is tagged ‘The Love Affair’. Come and kneel, wave, be pensive, cry, twale and basically worship God in any form of expression you choose!   One thing’s for sure, you will definitely be‚Ķ

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