#EventWednesday: Catch Onos Live in Concert | Songs From The Place of Prayer

Onos, Worship Concert, Songs From The Place Of Prayer

I love songs that come from the place of prayer. They have this ingenious quality and always touch the spirit beautifully. If you love such songs as I do, catch Onos at her worship concert this month…

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#MusicReview: ‘Olowogbogboro’ by Nathaniel Bassey, Featuring Wale Adenuga

Nathaniel Bassey playing his trumpet

Also the trumpet, which is Nathaniel Bassey’s forte does melodious runs, reminding me of its similar effect in Ty Bello’s ‘Holy Ghost Air’. Nathaniel increases his rock-esque energy here, surely getting anyone listening to this track on his

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#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: Rocktown Sunday at PCC Love! || Petra Christian Centre

My super highlight was when Pastor Ayo led ‘Wonder’ by Amanda Cook and it supplied a different kind of dopamine! We were totally enveloped in God’s love as we set our minds on things above.

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#MusicReview: ‘Sweetest Song’ by Laitan Dada

This song plays with similes, metaphors and richly alive imagery equating God with everything pleasant, such as music, roses, honey, joy and so forth, just like an avid reader would, and also speaks rawly and in plain language over His need for God and his completeness in Christ…

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#Event: Worship Events Across Continents, June 2017

Worship has this amazing ability to enable us de-stress,connect to God on a higher level and also affords us the opportunity to give God the fruit of our lips. Whichever continent we are, there’s not an excuse not to worship (I like that litote…lol). Please see below a line up of events and possibly connect to the one nearest to you!

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#Checckit! My New Football Jingle…The Festival Themesong!

Universality…tick…Crowd cheering…tick….melodious trumpet…tick…camaraderieric energy tick…thumping baseline and drum set beats on fleak!

Recorded on C#major, the instrumentals of ‘We Are The Revival’ get me going with so much excitement…

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