Review: #Throwback! ‘Jesus Freak’ by DC Talk!

  Released August 1, 1995, when I hadn’t even turned 4, DC Talk’s Jesus Freak was the rave of not only the Christian moment, but the secular airwaves as well!  It seeped massively into mainstream music and also earned DC Talk 3 GMA Dove Awards! It is a kaleidoscope of…

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‘Aka’ by Okey Sokay

This bubbly piece is a plethora of genres including electronic dance and house music, embellished with African percussive instruments, from the okwa to the bells and to the mechanical claps! Okey Sokay employs a lot of ‘ibotic’ mannerisms such as ‘chai’  ‘ngwanu’ and so forth, and  matches pitch with himself…

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Music Review: Only You by Nikki Laoye

‘New’, ‘fresh’ and ‘inspiring’ are the words to describe Nikki Laoye’s latest single! Already my favourite song, ‘Only You’ is an alternative piece; soft rock with strong, beautiful vocals.  It is almost like the music soflty seeps into your soul, driving all the ‘edgyness’ away. She clearly displays her vocal prowess in this song,…

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#MusicReview: ‘Not For A Moment (After All) ‘ by Meredith Andrews

who is meredith andrews

What thrills me about this piece is the conviction and assuredness that I hear in Meredith’s voice which could only come from true fellowship with the living God. This song oozes God’s presence, and if you‘re going through a rough patch, you will know with all certainty that you are not alone.

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#MusicReview: ‘Always Pray’ For You by Nosa

who is nosa

And the jazzy progression that the piano plays just resonates with my musical mind…reminding me of Old Hollywood glamour. Sung on G major, with a catchy base line and pleasing oohs and ahhs, ‘Always Pray For You’ is sure gonna be on my themesong for a good while..

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