#MusicReview: ‘Jehovah Ebenezer’ by Onos

Somewhere in my mind, she’s jazz, but I quickly fell in love with the refreshing sound of the bass and Onos’s hush mutterings.

This song has a pensive air, with Onos singing in her alto range laced with Zulu inflections . You need not hear her other songs to know she’s got vocal prowess, and a healthy growl*wink*

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#MusicReview: Unchangeable God by Ayokunle

With delightful back ups and ice lolly harmonies, this Rock and Contemporary Fusion is a beauty to behold. Sung in my favourite key, E Flat,  with a pleasant piano intro followed by drums, this song washes over me like cool soothing water. Talking about how the King of all the Earth is one…

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#MusicReviewTuesday: ‘Dance For You’ by Ty Bello


Ty Bello 'The Morning Songbook ' 'Dance For You'

From the stables of Ty Bello’s second album, The Morning Songbook, I bring you ‘Dance For You’!

Sung in A Major, this disco flavoured piece of awesomeness is my song of the moment! Savour the lyrics, the simplicity of the melody, and most importantly, the drum beat that makes you nod in a certain way as you listen!

The piano is king in this song with its keys hitting some deliciously low notes, giving the bass line effect and later delivering a sweet nursery rhyme flavour with mid range notes. Ty vocalises the Jackson 5 flavour effortlessly as she sings ‘I will dance’ a second time. And when she sings the line ‘No matter what this life is playing’ in her raspy voice, she sounds like the uber cool lead singer of Coldplay! I also catch Mosa’s rich unmistakeable voice in the background, along with Ty’s, adding more finesse to the track. The latter part of the intro chiming ‘re mi do’, reminds me of Aaliyah’s ‘Let Me Know’ at the instrumentation that responds to the line ‘At your best, you are love’.

This piece is a personal confession of dancing for God when you feel like crying because you feel as though life were cutting you in the throat. Make the decision to praise and dance for God right in the eye of the storm because you are actually announcing your victory that way! Listen to this declaration and sing along with this hot mother of twins!



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#ThrowbackThursday: You No Dey Sleep by PITA

This throwback goes all the way to 2010, to my best song by Pita. I know everyone is exceedingly satisfied with Pita’s  ‘You Light Up My World’, but ‘You No Dey Sleep’ is my favourite ‘Pita Jam’, and I’m going to tell you all the things I love about it! Immediately…

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#SmokingHotSaturday! #Music Review: You Are The Reason by Mairo Ese

    Phenomenal, resonating and mind blowing are the words to describe this ballad of refined worship. Pure, undiluted and spirit filling, I can’t get enough! I’m simply drawn into deeper levels of worship, and it’s amazing how a simple chorus can take you to places you never dreamed. I…

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#SmokingHotSaturday! #Review ‘Say Yes’ by Michelle Williams Feat Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland

      I’ve got to say that I was totally impressed by this video! This, truly, is Michelle at her finest! When I heard a clip of this song and realised that it was our very own Nigerian ‘When Jesus Says Yes’ chorus, I didn’t think there’d be anything special…

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#ThrowbackThursday! Music Review: ‘Fanatic’ by Lecrae

    This throwback goes all the way to the fourth track of the 116 Clique Compilation Album released in 2007. I remember bonding with my cousin over this song with her rapping the lyrics even faster than Lecrae did, in her cool British accent! I was so passionate about…

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Music Review: ‘You No Know’ by XL2LETTERS Featuring GiftBerries

This ‘grateful’ rap song doused in hues of pop and RnB reminds me very much of the deep richness of Ja Rule’s voice and the light sweetness of Ashanti’s voice in the song ‘Always on Time’, with a slightly more 90’s feel to it. On a mellow beat, rapping a…

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Review: #Throwback! ‘Jesus Freak’ by DC Talk!

  Released August 1, 1995, when I hadn’t even turned 4, DC Talk’s Jesus Freak was the rave of not only the Christian moment, but the secular airwaves as well!  It seeped massively into mainstream music and also earned DC Talk 3 GMA Dove Awards! It is a kaleidoscope of…

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