#Checckit! My New Football Jingle…The Festival Themesong!

Universality…tick…Crowd cheering…tick….melodious trumpet…tick…camaraderieric energy tick…thumping baseline and drum set beats on fleak!

Recorded on C#major, the instrumentals of ‘We Are The Revival’ get me going with so much excitement…

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Event: The Manifestation With Heather Lindsey!

The air conditioning at the Guiding Light Assembly smelled like refreshing chlorine water relaxing me immediately with thoughts of wading into a pool. The white canopies supplied by Elizabeth R, the concert lights and fog machine quickly registered ‘en pointe ‘ vibes on the event. I was giddy.

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#Event: The Revival Tour with Heather and Cornelius Lindsey!

I love the Lindseys, and it’s so exciting they are coming to Nigeria. As part of their Revival Tour, they’ll be headlining a two day worship and word event hosted by Ignite, the youth fellowship of Guiding Light Assembly…with amazing gospel artistes like Nathaniel Bassey, Mairo Ese, Florocka…

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#Event: Hillsong London, ‘Touching Heaven’! || Hillsong Coming To Lagos!

There’s nothing more liquid, more palpable than the presence of God!…’Like a fire in my bones, like a whisper to my soul, your word is revelation.’ Nothing makes me feel more alive and excited than getting into God’s presence and receiving His word. It caters to my needs, encourages me, gives me joy and peace.

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#Event: An Evening With Sola Allyson

I fondly remember the ‘Eji Owuro’ love song, as well as other moving pieces in her albums.

If you’re into classical pieces, I’m sure you’ll have a good time, going by the graphic design of the creative above.

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#Event: Sinach Live in Concert!

…giving words to your prophesies with Sinach’s amazing God-breathed renditions. Songs aren’t just for how God makes you feel or how you feel. Sometimes God ‘sings’ to you to tell you what He’s about to do in your life.

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#EventHighlights! : Mentorship Meet with Glowreeyah Braimah!

Who sang Miracle Worker

    #HeyGuys! Early morning meetings are for champions! At 8:30 am today, Glowreeyah Braimah shared amazing ministry tips for aspiring gospel singers. According to sources, she shared some personal battles and experiences growing up in a conservative Catholic family, explaining that the experiences we go through especially painful ones are…

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