#MusicReview: ‘Jehovah Ebenezer’ by Onos

Somewhere in my mind, she’s jazz, but I quickly fell in love with the refreshing sound of the bass and Onos’s hush mutterings.

This song has a pensive air, with Onos singing in her alto range laced with Zulu inflections . You need not hear her other songs to know she’s got vocal prowess, and a healthy growl*wink*

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#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: Hellurr Hillsong London!

Hillsong United

There’s something really amazing about the body of Christ and the fact that you can feel at home when you are away from your usual ‘congregation of the saints’.  My definition of feeling at home in this sense  is going to place you’ve never been before finding God’s word meeting you right there!

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#EmphaticDynamoSpecial: My Worship Song of the Moment!

Easy melody worship songs will never go out of fashion because sometimes you just wanna go straight to the point. ‘I will worship you forever’ does just that for me.

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#EmphaticdynamoSpecial! #UndergroundLegend: Titilola The Awesome! || Musings on Titi Oloyede

Who is Titi Oloyede?

Titi’s voice is strong and heavy with a lot of character and she sings with so much spirit, that that is truly enough! She is a squillion shades of awesome with so many talents! There are so many things to love about this woman. I really cannot wait for her first album, because I’m sure it is going to be loaded!

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#Event #EmphaticDynamoSpecial : 10 Things I love About My Petrita!

 #HeyGuys! I love Petra Christian Centre for too many reasons but I’m gonna share 10 of them today:) 10. Because ‘Rhythms and Rhapsody’ sang the first song I ever blogged about today:) ‘All I ask by Meredith Andrews’. And it just brought back memories because I was in Law School at…

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#Sunday Best: 7 Top Legendary Worship Expressions of All Time!

Worship is an art, no doubt; requiring skill, spirit and practice to perfect, but producing the best feeling ever as well as expressing itself in art forms  so magnificent to behold. Take a look at my top 7 legendary expressions of worship ! 1.The ‘Twale’ The ‘Twale’ is a salute to…

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Review: #Throwback! ‘Jesus Freak’ by DC Talk!

  Released August 1, 1995, when I hadn’t even turned 4, DC Talk’s Jesus Freak was the rave of not only the Christian moment, but the secular airwaves as well!  It seeped massively into mainstream music and also earned DC Talk 3 GMA Dove Awards! It is a kaleidoscope of…

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Emphatic Dynamo Special: The Experience and the Etiquette

Hello guys! I know we can’t wait for The Experience tomorrow night to worship like never before at the Tafawa Balewa Square. But while we are super excited, I just thought to share some concert etiquette tips to ensure that we have a pleasant time and do not ruin it…

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