#SundayBest: Prophetic Sunday or What? || Ask Tribe Petra Music and Jeremy Camp


Hellurr People of the Internets!

Today’s service was one of my best services this year.

Let me give y’all a sneak peak on some of the highlights.

During the week, our PCC Lekki pastor Dami Adeniyi posted on instagram Chris Agape’s song, ‘In that Name’ which struck a chord with me (spiritually actually, I felt something…lol). And I just thought, ‘hmm’…this is something.

There’s a spirit behind every song. This song by @christopheragape stirs the Man inside. There can be no defeat…in that Name _ About this time last year, we were at FUTA for The Jesus Festival / Fire Conference. My pastor @pastorayoajani taught on who we are in Christ and what He has done for us, particularly he shared on how we are now kept in Christ and for anything, anything whatsoever to reach me, it would have to have first gotten through Jesus and then to me. My life was that insured! _ After the Jesus festival, while we rested for the Fire conference early the next morning , I couldn’t really sleep, (too much joy excitement +power I guess, my spirit was just excited ). The tune started dancing in my heart ‘Jesus my Light…., my joy… My wisdom… My portion… ‘. I tried to ignore it and sleep! But it was like there was an mp3 playing in my head. And the tune Won’t Leave! I remember prior to this time praying or rather just contemplating that God should give me a song for my church @petrachristaincentre. A song that would be from and for the awesome family I belonged to, and when this song came I was like this is it! This is God’s answer! _ At this point I ran with my phone to the rest room and recorded..and the words kept flowing, the bridge came and I was having a Holy Ghost party all by myself at 2:00am In the restroom! Silently Praying none of the other team members woke up to relieve themselves! _ So as you go on today, remember you’re kept In That name! And when next you say ‘In Jesus Name’, you’re not referring to a title, but a place, a domain of authority where every and anything that comes your way regarding that matter is subject to the rulership and authority of His name! And do you know what responds when we call the Name Of Jesus? All things!-On earth, in Heaven, beneath the Earth, seen or unseen, All Things! For All authority is given to that name JESUS!

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This song sounded very much like a Jeremy Camp piece, with its weird choice of notes and haunting rendition that get your mel groove on. All ye Jeremy Camp fans, I know y’all get my drift😊

With my praying along the lines of victory and prosperity with regard to my personal and family life this past week, this song was the perfect reminder that there’s really no defeat in the name of Jesus, and that this name has everything we need. It is enough.

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#UndergroundLegend: Say Hellurrr to Petra’s Finest, Oge Sholadoye!

Today in worship, Oge took that song and it opened the door to the prophetic. I was just like ‘Aha’. I was sitting before, but the song got me on my feet! The prophetic message confirmed a lot of things from WAFBEC last week. It was so amazing.
The lines of the prophetic were to the effect that everything that we have released our faith for has come to pass, with limitations being broken, troubles being rolled away, amazing spiritual and physical goodies were coming to us. Also most importantly, no force or devil can hinder what God has purposed for us. It’s really a done deal. It also echoed newness, which is really what this year is about😊


I realise that God doesn’t ever want us to be in doubt about what He has told us in the secret place. He’ll confirm it again and again.

I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful than my God giving me words of comfort to remind me that He’s done it.

The prophetic is such a tool to key into destiny. It consists of speaking God inspired words for edification, comfort and exhortation. With the prophetic, you can indeed be the architect of your own life (according to God’s will, of course). When you get these words, it is important to write them down and speak them back to God.

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Another highlight of the service was the song Darlene Zschech’s ‘In Jesus Name’ led by resident praise firehouse, Dami Isaac, echoing Oge’s worship song feels. It took on a jazzy aura and my favourite part was the chant ‘God is fighting for us, pushing back the darkness…’, which was done the same way it’s usually led at Jesus House UK, with Efe Tama working serious magic on the drums. That brought back tonnes of memories, making me miss RCCG, Jesus House UK all over again.


Whenever you’re in the UK, please worship at Jesus House, Brent Cross if you can.

I feel it’s important to come to church and receive something tangible.

What did you receive in church today😊?

Bt-dubs, actually the praise came before the worship 😊😊 hehe

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